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Email marketing can be an effective method of testing the efficacy of a product or service with the rapid results and precise accounting methods, available through this direct internet marketing method.

Email marketing has cycled through a shake-out trend with the increased pit-falls of CAN-SPAM laws and Junk Mail blockers. The reason businesses still use this method of marketing is because effective marketers have evolved by broadcasting the right offer, a sharp Ad Creative, and the correct Opt-in list targeting the correct demographic – it can work well, especially as a overall, composite internet marketing mix to complement the mainstays of Search Engine marketing.

Web Monopoly offers online Email marketing solutions to small and established businesses alike. Our ability to provide these solutions with the most cost effective rates, and targeting/optimization technology will generate the best return on investment for both our advertisers and publishers.

  • 110 million CAN-SPAM compliant permission based double opt-in email subscribers.

  • Demographic, behavioral and geographic targeting

  • Geared for Ecommerce, financial services, travel, education, healthcare, consumer products, telecom and dating sectors…

  • Mass Distribution Marketing

  • Direct Response Method

  • Efficient Tracking

Through electronic surveys we are able to include data points to from age, income, gender and presence of children, to hobbies, special interest, type of employment, and position held.

Email Creatives typically provide the following:

  • HTML Email Template design and layout

  • 3-5 images, company logo, and text per email (images and text to be provided by client)

  • Email will include various hyperlinks that lead the recipient from their in-mailbox to a specific page on an existing website(s).

  • All images used in each email will need to be stored on client's existing web server with FTP access.

  • Client will be supplied with (4) HTML files, with which client will use and send as "HTML Stationary" in Microsoft Outlook.

  • Client will be responsible for setting up MS Outlook and emailing HTML emails to all recipients.

Pop Unders are another form of Direct marketing that can be rapidly deployed and broadcast to a high volume of prospects. This method acts as an effective means of speculating different demographics and establishing the efficacy of a product or service in a reasonable manner.

This method of advertising is a pop-under (or pop-behind) window that loads an non-invasive web page behind the page a prospect is currently surfing.
  • Mass Distribution Marketing

  • Direct Response Method

  • Efficient Tracking

  • Rapid Internet positioning

  • Demographic & Geographic Targeting

  • CPM/CPC Pricing Models

  • Run-of-Network & Run-of-Channel

  • Efficient Ad Costs

This form of advertising is much less annoying than a pop-up ad, and has much higher effectiveness, than banner ads alone because the actual site is loaded into the popped window! Pop unders are not blocked by POP UP blockers.

Large companies such as AOL, Microsoft, and Disney use this type of advertising to promote their products and services all the time. Most of our Internet marketing clients use pop-unders to supplement a composite strategy that involves organic Search Engine marketing, Pay per Click campaigns and more.




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