get higher search engine rankings
Most internet websites
are left up to a random
and passive destiny,
like buying an island in the south pacific and hoping tourists will
show up.

Brian Hannan,
CEO Web Monopoly

Higher Search Engine Placement with Web Monopoly

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Link Popularity Campaign
A hyperlink from an outside site to yours is what search engines consider to be a vote for your website, depending on the quality and type of site linking to you. By setting up varied links from outside sites, and managing link anchor text, we work to increase Google Pagerank, so that your site will rank higher for your keywords in the Google Search Engine.

Analyzing and Responding to Placement Reports
Web Monopoly utilizes specialized software that checks the placement of your keywords across the search engines on a monthly basis. Based on how the rankings change, we are able to adjust your marketing plan accordingly, and push our efforts in new directions, as well as modify previous content and tags until they see success.

Staying on Top of the Game
There are many other optimization techniques, niche directories, and marketing opportunities that arise every so often. Not too long ago, we've seen Google introduce their sitemaps and analytics features, which Web Monopoly now takes advantage of for its clients. By keeping aware of the newest trends in search engine optimization, you can get a jump on your competitors.

Tracking Conversions
Knowing which terms are leading to sales helps you understand how to better utilize PPC funds and optimization efforts. Web Monopoly uses programs to track conversions and also uses designers on staff to add call-to-action graphics to increase your sales.

Whether your business is looking to start with a new website, or improve rankings on your existing site, Web Monopoly's team of web design and search engine marketing specialists can help you achieve Internet Success. To find out more information about how you can work with Web Monopoly, sign up for a free custom proposal and quote.



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