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Informercial Direct Response Television- DR advertising - DRTV

Web Monopoly's caters to developing brands and sales. The inevitable step with many products is to launch them into the stratosphere with an effective Direct response ad, an informercial. Web Monopoly offers infomercial campaign management services. We have a very experienced management team with lengthy, established DR backgrounds.

Infomercials are designed to solicit a direct response which is specific and quantafiable and are, therefore, a form of Direct response marketing. The ad response is delivered directly to television viewers by infomercial advertisers through the television ad. Web Monopoly utilizes sophisticated financial modeling, DR viability studies to align with the greatest odds of success, before launching a campaign.

We create and implement strategies to utilize direct response distribution channels to market, advertise and sell products ,and related products. Then, as part of those strategies, we assist in the transition of those products, including the Product, with maximum DR advertising support, into retail channels of distribution to build the brand.
We oversee the product development for DR, scripting, informercial production, DR financial modeling, DR media buys from test to full scale, DR telemarketing training and selection.

All of the required and suitable DRTV vendors, including, without limitation, merchant processing, web marketing, telemarketing, media and fulfillment, will be assembled, implemented and integrated into the strategies.

We offer the production of a one-minute and two-minute direct response television spots, and or as long format informercials. This includes fully edited direct response masters, suitable for commercial television broadcast, with two separate offers for each formats. DR media Test buys are designed to give statistically significant direct-response data to determine where, how and what we need to do to expand the media.


  • Oversee all DR creative and production
  • Coordinate and review of all Direct response materials and scripts
  • Evaluation of the Product for direct response market positioning
  • Create and oversee DR market strategies for media testing and roll out
  • Assemble and coordinate all vendors necessary to support the direct response advertising campaign, including
  • Direct response media buying
  • DR product fulfillment
  • DR telemarketing
  • DR merchant processing
  • DR ecommerce logistics
  • DR customer service
  • Other relevant DR support
  • Review and evaluate media schedules for rationale and review results and criteria for re-buys
  • Train customer service and telemarketing services specifically for Direct response
  • Create and implement market strategies for DR continuity programs, customer retention, upsells, cross-sells and customer loyalty programs.
  • Reporting data from the fulfillment, telemarketing and media vendors

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