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What is logo design?
From the time you get up in the morning and walk into your bathroom till you switch off the TV and go to bed you are constantly being exposed to and bombarded by hundreds of brands and logos. Increasingly the identity of a product or company is the only factor that distinguishes one from another in a sea of similar products or companies.

For example if you walk into a super market and wanted to buy a bottled drink or mineral water. In the fluids section you are likely to find at least 20 different brands of mineral water. I am talking about a medium to large sized super market. All of these brands of mineral water contain the almost the same contents and mineral composition. The why are they priced differently and why do buy one particular brand and not another? Your decision to buy one particular brand among the 20 or so is largely based on which of the brands you perceive to be the better one. Now, 'perceive' is the key word. 9 times out of 10 the taste or the bottle shape is secondary.

So companies, in saturated market have to rely on their marketing campaigns to make people buy their products. And these marketing campaigns depend hugely on the image of their brand. The brand image starts with the company logo. The company colors and the effective marketing of these coupled with an eye catching logo determine the success of any marketing campaign. Of course the budget and the product play a part too.

Why should you get a good logo for your company?
If you are small company trying to establish yourself online or offline then the first thing that you introduce to potential customers is your company logo. The effect your logo has on your potential customers or your website visitors will influence their buying decisions. For example look at the following two logos. Which one would you feel like buying?

When meeting a prospective client, your business card would speaks a lot about the type of company you are associated with and the quality of your service. A cheap looking card with a poorly done logo would instantly create a feeling distrust in the client. From then on it is an up-hill ride for you trying to sell them anything. For service oriented businesses, it is more so important. They do not have any tangible products that they could promote to convince the customers. Their image is the only thing they could use to sway the buyers mood. These type of companies have to extra careful in the logo design they opt for.

A few years ago, it was sufficient to have your company name in text and you could go about your business. However now with an increasing number of players competing for the same market it is getting more difficult for companies to distinguish themselves. This is even more important for internet based companies. Even brick and mortar companies have to pay attention when it comes to their logo. A home made logo is not enough to compete against the bigger companies with potentially unlimited marketing budget.

What should you look for in a logo design?
The first and foremost feature you should look for in a logo design company is weather it represents your company's image. This could mean several things. Does it show your vision for the company? Is your message visible in the logo? Would any one looking at your logo be able to recall it again and associate it with the service your provide or the product you sell? Is it clear, simple and effective. Most people imagine a good logo to be flashy and colorful. That may be true. For certain companies. But is such a logo good for your company? A flashy and cartoonish looking logo for a company that sells up - class ties might not be such a good idea. An too elegant and too simple logo might not be right for a sports wear company targeting the younger generation.

There are many factors that you should consider when selecting a logo design. And the company's image and target audience is high on the priority list. Features of a logo design that would help with this factor are the level of abstraction, the font type that is used, the colors, the logo treatment such as iconic, illustrative etc.

Abstraction in a logo design are good. However too much abstraction is not appropriate for every one. Some times, due to the nature of your business you might have to express what you do more boldly in your logo. In such cases too much abstraction in your logo would not help your cause. Audience might not be able to associate your company with the services you provide. You should be aware of this fact even before your go to a designer to start your logo design project.

Font type used in the logo goes a log way in creating the right impact. The right font would enable audience associate your logo with the particular service that you offer more readily than another. You should look at your company and your services in a conceptual way and try to visualize what characteristic you would like the logo to display. Bold and strong? Elegant? These are questions you should ask yourself when deciding the look of your logo. You should always have an idea of how your logo should look (at least the font part) before you go to a logo designer.

Colors play an important role in expressing feelings. Certain colors, if used appropriately, would convey a feeling of trustworthiness, where as other might invoke feelings of mistrust. The choice of colors is usually influenced by this factor and also by your personal likes and dislikes. many a time we have observed clients go for certain colors because they like even though their company logos ended up looking contrary to what they promote to service or sell.

An iconic treatment of a logo involves a simple and some times clever representation of an item associated with a product or service the company promotes. Incorporating a stylish and simple gavel in a auction company logo is a good example. Iconic logos do not have too much detail and border on being abstract. The designers expertise determines how clever the icon is. A clever icon would always demand respect from the audience.

Illustrative logos are much more elaborate and harder to design and represent. They are the best among all treatments. To establish an illustrative logo as a brand in a highly competitive market, an illustrative logo is the best solution. Illustration in the logo goes beyond iconic representation and involves very clever and intricately detailed logo that would inspire awe in the audience. Elements of the illustrative logo can then be used in stationery and related promotional material to give the "look and feel".

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