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Paid inclusion search engines provide a very effective way to deliver fast results. If your website is constantly changing to display offers you could benefit from using paid inclusion as content is refreshed on a regular basis. This allows you to have greater control over your search engine listings and provides a cost effective channel for delivering fresh content.


Fast Inclusion
First, and most importantly, paid inclusion programs provide your website the opportunity to have your pages indexed and added to search results very quickly (usually within a few days). This compares very favourably with the month or more that it can take to wait for the "organic" spider to find your pages on its own (and if you have no incoming links, the "organic" spider will never find your pages).

Fast Re-indexing
The paid inclusion spider will revisit your pages frequently (some even daily). This means that you can make tweaks to your pages designed to improve your rankings and see the results in days (rather than months). This type of turnaround can give you valuable insight into the ranking algorithm of each individual engine.

"Organic" Spider
Each search engine purports to be the most comprehensive source of information, and so each has an automated program (commonly called a "spider") that goes out and indexes all the pages that it can find on the web. This means that your web site will eventually get indexed for free by each of the major engines that offer paid inclusion (provided there is one or more outside links pointing to your site that the spider can follow). "Eventually", of course, is the key term.

Paid Spider
When a search engine offers paid URL inclusion, it uses an additional spider that goes out and indexes only specific pages that have been paid for. In other words, whereas the "free" spider would eventually find your site, follow your links, and index all of your pages, the "paid" spider will only index the URL's for which you have plunked down an annual fee (but it will do so immediately).

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