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Looking for some specific information on the Pay-Per-Click search engines? Looking to develop a higher search engine placement? Here is some detailed information on the top 10 PPC search engines:

1. Overture.

The King of pay per click search engines, Overture has a well organized system. You can bid for rankings and also choose the description and title you want, which provides highly targeted traffic to your website. You can control your bids at all times and adjust them, based on the quality of your results. Especially handy is the Search Term Suggestion Tool, which shows you how often people search for a particular word or phrase.

More people will click on your link if you use your key phrase in the title and in the description.

You'll probably receive more traffic from Overture than from all the other pay per click engines combined. However, because they are less popular, buying highly targeted traffic is much cheaper than at Overture.

The huge advantage of this kind of advertising is that you pay only when someone actually visits your site.

2. Find What

FindWhat.com distributes your keyword text ads throughout a distribution partner network of hundreds of high-traffic websites including large search engines such as CNET's Search.com, Excite, Webcrawler, MetaCrawler, Dogpile and Microsoft Internet Explorer Autosearch. They also partner with specialty sites serving niche markets in order to drive the most targeted traffic to your website.

You can start an account for as little as $25.

3. Go Click

GoClick is a recommended pay per click search engine that is always growing in traffic and having new tools and utilities added. You can have bids automatically raise or lower based in a maxium set by you. Local targeting is available; select from US/Canadian or worldwide specific traffic. Easily set up sub-accounts for different URLs or sites with their own set of keywords and bidding rules.

It is now easier to change titles, URLs, descriptions as well as add and remove keywords and change bids in the GoClick accounts area. Got thousands of keywords? No problems--use the readily available bulk submission tool.

GoClick's Keyword tool not only helps you research more keywords, but also estimates how much traffic you will receive at a given bid amount.

GoClick still lets you start an account with only $10 and bid from 1 cent.

4. Enhance Interactive

Enhance Interactive has just undergone a site re-design featuring a new and improved accounts area. You can participate in its LogoLink program by including a logo graphic next to your listing. Listing your site with Enhance Interactive will make your site visible to about 50% of the top 10 pay per click search engines. With Enhance Interactive's affiliate program you can earn $15-$50 per sale with quarterly bonuses for good performers. You can open an account for $50.

5. 7Search

7Search results appear in over 35% of the top 150 search engines in English-speaking countries and Alexa shows it to have a significant amount of traffic compared to other pay per click search engines. Services offered to advertisers include immediate e-mail notification when you are outbid for the top ranking on a keyword, a keyword generator tool, and a 1:1 banner exchange program.

6. Kanoodle

Kanoodle is currently offering a free $10 trial account to new users. Kanoodle has partnerships with sites such as, NetZero, DogPile, CNET, Metacrawler and Turbofind. Its non-paid listings are supplied by Inktomi. You can start an account with $50.

7. ePilot

ePilot's results are displayed on partners' sites such as YellowPages.com, Fitness.com, Index.com, Pageseeker, and many more.. ePilot's suite of account management tools is designed for ease of use. You can start an account with $100.

8. Search 123

Search123 has great tools to help you control your pay per click advertising budget. You can set a spend limit by the hour, day, week or month. You can start an account with $25 and continue making deposits as little as $5.

9. Search Feed

SearchFeed provides specialized tools that allow advertisers to create campaigns from scratch or easily upload existing campaigns using the Bulk Keyword Uploader and there are easy to follow online forms available for adding smaller sets of keywords. You can start an account with $25. There is a good affiliate program paying 35%-50% on bidded click throughs plus 5%-7% on referrals.

10. Espotting

Espotting is a UK based pay per click search engine. Your top 5 listings appear on Yahoo! UK, Lycos and Hotbot UK and will reach 72% of the UK Internet population. It also allows you to target a German, French and or Spanish audience with Espotting across Europe. Espotting has merged with FindWhat. You can start an account for £110. (£10 of that is a service fee.)

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