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International Directory Submissions


Reaching Your Global Market through Search Engine Marketing

According to a recent survey, globalization is the defining phenomenon of modern business practices. Some 80% of American CEOs report that globalization is their top priority.

The modern global market means that many of your clients and customers are likely to be people from places you have never been, and you must appeal to potential customers from very diverse cultural perspectives and experiences. How do you reach them, and convey what makes your product or service unique? To do so successfully requires sophisticated internet marketing services. We are more connected to our global customer base than ever, but paradoxically, there are so many other websites competing for their attention that it is difficult to attract and hold customers' attention.

The modern global market also means that even purely domestic firms, with no foreign clients or sales, face competition from foreign companies who seek to take over their turf and who are ready to fight for position within the global network. And, to be successful, it will eventually be necessary for your firm to compete directly in foreign markets with local firms who have a home court advantage. Business today provides no escape from the incredible complexity of global marketing.

Web Monopoly makes the task of going global manageable for your firm. We use international directories to increase your visibility to the global market. To convince your potential customers about the value and attractiveness of your product and services in language they can understand, Web Monopoly also offers Multi-Lingual Translation Services.

International Directories are effective to the extent that they are tailored to a specific country, language, and/or international marketplace. In other words, they appeal to a specific customer base whose natural tendency would be to search in their own language and in accordance with the cultural implications of the product or service they are looking for.

There are two categories of international web directories:
General Directories, which focus on the general global market. - an International Business Directory
Art Atlas International - an International art directory
International Real Estate Digest - International real estate directory
Specialty Search Engines, which focus on a particular demographic (such as a country) or language.
  Yahoo! Japan - Yahoo! In Japanese
Benvenue sur Viola - specialized search engine in French

Web Monopoly staff has detailed country and market-specific expertise taking years to develop. We do extensive research on international directories and screening on search engine relevance to make sure you optimize search engine query placement, and to get the visibility you need in the World Wide Web Global Marketplace!

Web Monopoly offers two promotional packages that will get you up in running in the global network: Rain Maker Ultra, which provides retailers with a Web based storefront and shopping cart, and Rain Maker Max, our highest level of services featuring our corporate package to maximize your search engine campaign.

Web Monopoly has two promotional packages that include international directory submissions:

Rain Maker™ Ultra*
Perfect for retailers with a Web-based storefront and shopping cart.
Rain Maker™ Max!
Our highest level of service, featuring our corporate package designed to maximize your search engine campaign.

Call 1-800-349-8490 to start improving your search engine rankings today!

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