Over 85% of buyers
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t o find what they
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Your website needs to have a presence that generates traffic and captures the interest of potential customers, so that you can turn interest into leads and sales. With the extraordinary growth in companies from all over the world marketing their products on the internet, holding the interest of web surfers and searchers has become a tremendous challenge. Search engine marketing is a low cost and effective technique to increasing traffic to your site.

The vast majority of potential customers and clients will use a search engine and/or directory to find the products and services they want. Search engines and directories are the number one resource for qualified traffic. Commercial success depends on your ability to get the highest possible ranking in search engine queries, but this task is not negligible - it requires in depth understanding of the search engines' requirements, the patience and knowledge to analyze log files, and the technical capability to adapt your site through design.

Web Monopoly offers search engine optimization (SEO) services, also known as search engine marketing (SEM) to get your site noticed and included by search engine databases. In turn, your website will be given a better ranking position for relevant keyword searches - and attract more traffic.

Our consultants have the detailed knowledge of search engines and marketing principles, as well as the technical expertise to keep you up to date in the search engine databases over time. As professional Business Analysts, our consultants know how to help you identify and express your business objectives, target the right audience, enhance the searchability of your site, gain insight into the web marketing strategies of your current and potential competitors, and turn your site into a source of interest for qualified visitors. Through our state-of-the-art SEO services, we can get you the optimal search engine ranking you need. Our experience with SEO provides us with vast insight into the inner workings of search engines, directories, marketing campaigns, and log files build the foundation you need for a successful web site.

Once we have optimized your website for search engine friendliness, we provide further site enhancements that will attract customers. We also create useful text content with targeted keywords for your pages, ensure that your website design is searchable by the robots and spiders, and test repeatedly to provide assurance that your web design does not possess obstacles in content that would result in your site being penalized or banned. Our array of SEO services, including search engine and directory submission, are devoted to creating long term qualified traffic to your website.

Web Monopoly Services
Our internet marketing experts at Searchwiz Marketing will organize a customized plan of attack based on your market and website that fits within your budget, so that we can optimize your pages and promote your site through all the major search engines. We offer four marketing services packages, which can be tailored to your individual needs:
Rain Make™ Plus+
Good level for small businesses intent on building a web presence.
Rain Maker™ Pro>
For businesses that really want to compete in their market and utilize their site as a viable lead generator.
Rain Maker™ Ultra*
Perfect for retailers with a Web-based storefront and shopping cart.
Rain Maker™ Max!
Our highest level of service, featuring our corporate package designed to maximize your search engine campaign. It is a perfect service for retailers with a Web-based storefront and shopping cart.

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