Affiliate Marketing programs are one of the best and easiest ways to receive a return on your initial investment.  Web Monopoly specializes in organizing and setting up affiliate marketing programs for your company or business.  We help you create and maintain the affiliate program, asset acquisition, and affiliate reporting.

Over 85% of buyers
use Search Engines
t o find what they
are looking for

Will they find you?

AFFILIATE MARKETING - Performance Based Marketing!
Web Monopoly finds your firm Affiliate websites to funnel Ecommerce customers to your website.

In online marketing, there is a great chance of ROI through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing programs have been around since the early days of ecommerce, and are considered one of the first forms of pay-for-performance. If you have an e-commerce Website, you should be practicing affiliate marketing.

Having affiliates websites is like building a chain of franchises, but the difference is that you don't have to pay to build the franchises, you only pay when you start making sales ! Each franchise is capable of bringing in just as much revenue and traffic as the original location. By expanding a pay-for-performance distribution chain like an octopus, you truly harness the power of selling on the Web. Web Monpoly's approach to affiliate marketing is more aggressive affordable and resourceful than you will find anywhere.

Depending on your current affiliate status, we concentrate on several key areas.
Affiliate Program Creation
We assist you in creating your own affiliate program, or in some instances, work with a selected partner to help streamline the process. The proper creation process should include ROI projections, payment and accounting streamlining, and competitive analysis, just to name a few steps.

Affiliate Asset Acquisition
We research the Web and leverage our network data to find the top affiliates for your business. These may be affiliates with a broad range of appeal in product offerings, or your competitor's top affiliates.

Affiliate Reporting
Web Monopoly maintains a network that not only allows the affiliate the ability to track their earnings, but also which of their campaigns have had the most success. This allows them to sell more on you behalf.



Sell real-time access to your Internet product.

Enable our affiliates to promote your product.
Enable you to recruit new affiliates to promote your product.
Provide you and all affiliates with sales reporting.
Send you and all affiliates a paycheck once each month.
Purchase and Download Software:
Software cost + 5 hours (preferences and creating of dummy account for testing)
Custom copywriting and insertion of logo for affiliate landing page:
3 hours
Submission of affiliate program to 23 Mainstream directories:
3 hours
Posting messages (and creating username) on 14 affiliate forums:
3 hours
Affiliate campaign management (sending confirmation to new affiliates, following up with affiliates, etc.):
4 hours per month
Submission of affiliate program to 11 distribution directories
Pay-Per-Click Google account creation and management:
4 hours
Minimal Ongoing Monthly Maintenance Fee
30 % Commission & Performance Pay
Lets say you pay $10.00 for every lead generated on your website form to the affiliate, then you pay Web Monpoly $3.00 , totaling $13.00 for every lead ( your Affiliate payout is up to you - the better the payout the more Affiliates of course )
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