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LINK POPULARITY - Specialty Niche Directory Submissions

LINK POPULARITY - Specialty Niche Directory Submissions

Improving Search Engine Ranking through Link Popularity

Sociological studies indicate that those most likely to have success in obtaining a desirable job are those who are the most connected - those who are best networked with people who know people. The same holds true with regards to getting connected on the World Wide Web - link popularity is critically important in search engine rankings, which check to see how many sites link to yours. But how do you go about getting "in the loop", with so much competition on the internet?

One technique that helps you win the popularity contest is through specialty niche directory submissions. At Web Monopoly, we know how to establish the links to your site that count the most.

Specialty niche directories are websites focused on a particular demographic, geographic location, or subject matter. Though they don't attract the same number of inquiries that the largest search engines, such as Yahoo, can potentially attract, they do pinpoint potential customers who have a particularly strong interest in what you have to offer.

Below are some examples of specialty niche directories*:
Art: Art Bridge
Automotive: Auto Guide
Education: Education World
Family: ABC's of Parenting
Games: Board Game Central
Health & Fitness: Fitness Connection
Home & Garden: At Home Garden
Lifestyle & Relationships: Bridal Seek
Media: MediaPost
Money & Finance: FMLX Exchange
Real Estate:
Sports: Raw Sports
Travel: Hospitality Worldwide

With links to your website by specialty niche directories, your site will become more visible to those who care most about your niche, and move up in the search engine rankings. The result will be more traffic to your website, and more potential customers seeking your product or services.

Given the millions of directories on the web, it isn't easy to identify the most important, connected, and traversed specialty niche directories. Web Monopoly can handle the work involved so that you can focus on your business. Web Monopoly professionals are available now to research and screen on the relevance of specialty niche directories to optimize your search engine placement. We have experts in a wide variety of niche areas who know where potential clients and customers look first.
Web Monopoly has several promotional packages that include specialty niche directory submissions:
RainMaker Ultra - Perfect for retailers with a Web-based storefront and shopping cart.
RainMaker Max - Our highest level of service, featuring our corporate package designed to maximize your search engine campaign.

Call 1-800-349-8490 to start improving your search engine rankings today!

*Web Monopoly does not in any way endorse any of these directories.

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