Cheap gimmics
don't work.

Search Optimization
& Search Engine Submissions,
month after month
create exponential
growth for infinite
traffic results.



Over 85% Of Buyers Use Search Engines
To Find What They're Looking For - Will They Find YOU?

Successful companies know that internet marketing is not a one-time effort. A long-term commitment of measuring and adjusting will help ensure continuing growth and improvement. By investing in a solid and well-thought internet marketing foundation, you can create positive momentum, steadily improve your results, and effectively meet your overall goals.

At Web Monopoly we play to WIN.

Our Search Engine optimization and marketing service packages are:

Rain Make™ Plus+
Good level for small businesses intent on building a web presence.
Rain Maker™ Pro>
For businesses that really want to compete in their market and utilize their site as a viable lead generator.
Rain Maker™ Ultra*
Perfect for E-commerce retailers with a Web-based storefront and shopping cart.
Rain Maker™ Max!
Our highest level of service, featuring our corporate package designed to maximize your search engine campaign. It is a perfect service for retailers with a Web-based storefront and shopping cart that look to expand brand image and cross international borders and saturate markets.

Link Exchange
An essential piece to every search campaign. We GUARANTEE 50 to 100 cross-links with relevant websites, which greatly increases your popularity with the search engines.



Our Services Shouldn't Cost You Anything in the Long Run

Marketing Sherpa studies report that website owners who implement search engine marketing campaigns realize 24% - 500% greater revenue.

Web Monopoly services shouldn't cost you anything, because we make you much more money than you spend. Otherwise, there's really no point in hiring us. You hire marketing help to increase your customer base and your profits.

The goal of our keyword strategy is to get you the best total quality return on your investment. If that sounds like a mouthful, it’s because there’s more involved here than just how many people visit your site. If they find your site, but they’re looking for something else, you didn’t do yourself any good. It’s far better to get 50 visitors who want what you have, than to get 1000 who leave before the first page finishes loading.

The total formula, then, involves how many keyword phrases your site can rank well on, how high your site ranks for each of those searches, combined with how relevant and enticing your page titles and descriptions are. Obviously, then, increasing the number of keyword phrases your site covers will often deliver far better results, than trying to rank well on one extremely competitive keyword.

Secure Web Monopoly’s services and let us try to Monopolize the traffic in your niche on a Global scale within 1 year.

Call 1-800-349-8490 to discuss what level of Search Optimization service will work best for you today!

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