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Pay Per Click Management (PPC)


Not only is the process of getting your website recognized complex, it also can take a great deal of time to increase traffic to where you need it to be. However, if your season is approaching fast, and you want to move inventory before it passes, you may not have time to wait the typical six weeks to three months search engines often take to index your website.

If you need results now, Web Monopoly has the expertise in pay per click management to get you that extra push you need to increase the volume of traffic to your website.

Web Monopoly can help you to generate leads through a Cost Per Acquisition campaign. Through development of 'contextual pops', affiliate recruitment programs, Non-SPAM email campaigns and online network relationships we can ensure that your site receives quality leads. We have access to some of the biggest advertising networks on the web and we can provide advertising on these sites to increase visitor traffic on your site.

We can also recruit suitable affiliates for you - this is a great way to drive sales on a Cost Per Acquisition basis (CPA). This method insures that you are paying for results based marketing. We use our expertise and we assume the liability to deliver you REAL TIME, unique leads !

Prospects that fill out a LEAD FORM in the last 48 hours are extremely HOT leads with very high close rates , after all they came to your site with what you have to offer and desire to be contacted. The mortgage, debt and insurance industry pay as high as $ 50 a lead.

Through sucessful implementation of lead generating ads or offers accross various websites, we can capture relevant information about potential customers. For example, an specific online survey can help to gather exclusive information about your audience to generate high quality sales through pre-qualifying questions.

Through techniques such as these, Web Monopoly can create product interest, and increase return rates on sales via pre-qualification. We can also help you with data segmentation to target demographics using our extensive affiliate marketing network. For more information about lead generation, please contact us.

Web Site Promotion through Targeted Keyword Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click management is a relatively new approach to keyword marketing - one of the less well known tools of the search engine query optimization trade. PPC campaigns work by using targeted
keyword marketing. Web sites identify specific keyword phrases appropriate for your target markets on major search sites such as Alta Vista, Google, and Yahoo, and bid on high-visibility ad sponsorships that provide the website with a lead every time someone clicks on the sponsorship listing in exchange for a nominal fee.

The leads generated through PPC management and ad sponsorship translate into increased qualified traffic to your site when you need it the most. Web Monopoly offers state-of-the-art PPC management to get your site optimal exposure on the following leading search engines:
Alta Vista iWon
AOL Lycos
Excite MSN
Google Netscape
InfoSpace Yahoo!

PPC management is highly effective in generating immediate traffic - but it requires a special set of skills to identify the most appropriate keywords. Web Monopoly knows how to make this seemingly insurmountable challenge manageable. Our representatives will do extensive keyword analysis and market research to identify the phrases that will have the biggest impact to establish your PPC on, set up your PPC account for you*, and manage your PPC on a daily basis to make sure your PPC campaign stays within your monthly budget.

Here are some of the other websites that we run PPC campaigns with outside the major search engines:

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