Most internet websites
are left up to a random
and passive destiny,
like buying an island in the south pacific and hoping tourists will
show up.

Brian Hannan,
CEO Web Monopoly



Brian Hannan - President

As the Director of Operations for a major financial clearing house, Brian Hannan managed their marketing strategies for over 6 years. His division went from originally a start up division to the most prominent online foreign exchange clearing house in the world, which he attributes to internet marketing. During those years at Midland, Mr. Hannan developed Midland’s marketing materials, logo, website and banners on an ongoing basis. Mr. Hannan grew up working in a Family owned, major Commerical Printing company, Hilltop Press with 400 employees and clients like Disney, Marlboro, Record Labels, Eli Lilly, etc, where he developed his keen eye for effective design, working with artists in the Prep Department, film technicians in the film lab, plate makers and Press men, and a strong sense of business from his father the CEO and the time he spent on the street as a salesman.

In his effort to corner his financial niche on the Internet, Mr.Hannan worked with a dozen web marketing firms from the Buy-side, and dealt with over 10 SEO companies that never captured cutting edge web placements or significant traffic for his firm’s web-site. These lack-luster firms ranged from inexpensive gimmics to high-end consultants.

A million dollars in web marketing later, and having tracked daily his company’s website logs for 6 years, his lengthy management span equipped him with an adept sense of how to successfully get placed and remain in the TOP 10 slots for the crucial industry keywords. Mr. Hannan developed relationships with elite SEO technicians, many whom had programmed for the major search engine firms, and intimately knew the way the search engine algorithms work.

After selling his sweat equity in the company, Mr.Hannan was immediately contracted by a major Hedge Fund firm, Rothschild Solomon, by people who had seen what he had accomplished for Midland. His marketing and managerial accomplishments were also highlighted by the Wallstreet Journal, FXWeekly, and Dow Jones Newswire on multiple occasions. Within 3 months, overseeing their website and copy he had Rothschild at the top of every major search engine in very competitive financial search realms and had them number one in all Pay Per Click categories.

Mr. Hannan graduated as an Advanced Placement student from the McCallie Prep School in Chattanooga, TN and graduated with an BA degree from University of Southern California with double majors in Cinema:film writing & English. Mr. Hannan wrote and sold the original screenplay for the 2002 major motion picture, The Fraternity. In the early 90’s Mr.Hannan began his trading career in the agricultural & bond pits at the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) for Lind-Waldock. From 1990 -1994 Mr.Hannan worked alongside many advertising firms at Hilltop Press, Inc., a major Commercial Printing in Sales and their art-Prep department. In 1995, Mr. Hannan served as Creative Executive at Taurus Entertainment in Los Angeles, overseeing the production of a major motion picture. In 1995 until 2001, Mr. Hannan, as Director of Operations, started the foreign exchange investment and clearing division of Midland that generated daily volumes of 200 million dollars in trades. Hannan traveled extensively, actively establishing contacts in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America. As Director, he supervised the risk management, administration, and management of 50 employees, internet technology, marketing, trading and sales of the Foreign exchange desk. Mr.Hannan was the very first licensed Foreign exchange broker in the United States, and was largely responsible in bringing about an entire industry under the regulatory jurisdiction of the Commodity Futures Trade Commission. Mr.Hannan has served as an expert in foreign exchange for a federal grand jury. Professionally, he is a member of the Association Cambiste, Canadian Banker’s association, and Managed Funds association.



Mr. Hannan has managed the development of a vast range of successful web sites for clients, from simple HTML sites to shopping cart e-commerce sites, multi-media, and Flash sites.

He has consulted names like Barclays – Financial, Rothschild Solomon – financial (Bought out), Midland – Financial, Hilltop Press – Top 20 Commercial Printing Company in the U.S. (Bought out).

Current clientele are UltimateImmune – a major medical distributor, Hollywood Center Studios – Los Angeles Film studio, Azteca Jeans – Private Label clothing Designer & manufacturers, SWIFT PHONE – Global leader in Internet Phones, KFG Marketing – ONE TOUCH Personal Waxer – as seen on TV.

These various websites have required different marketing approaches dependent upon the clients' budgets, their markets and competition, and the limitations of the search engines and the site technology.

Web Monopoly has been able to provide successful online marketing campaigns for its clients, expanding their services as the Internet has grown. As the search engines have evolved, has worked diligently to maintain and manage the best technical know how, with its understanding of internet commerce.

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