Most internet websites
are left up to a random
and passive destiny,
like buying an island in the south pacific and hoping tourists will
show up.

Brian Hannan,
CEO Web Monopoly



Deals for Divas
I secured Web Monopoly to give my website, Deals For Divas ( a face lift and new functionalities. I must say that I was truly delighted to see the results, from the first round. The team took my vision to the next level. After we relaunched, the response from advertisers, retailers (luxury and mass), and consumers has been overwhelming and wonderful.Web Monopoly was able to take my business to the next level, and for that I am truly grateful.

On top of that, the staff is quick, responsive and innovative. I am looking forward to a long partnership with Web Monopoly and I highly recommend their web design and SEO services for business growth.

Nina Sutton,
Owner, Deals For
Business World News
Web Monopoly is an essential piece of the Business World News media development complex - they are a vital piece in disseminating media & news via the internet. Time and time again, they have exceeded our corporate clients' expectations with their internet marketing savvy and results.

They can push out 40 million emails in a week with strong conversion rates, develop cutting edge creatives, deliver on deadlines, and are clearly a stand alone organization in web development, search and internet marketing.

Jeffery Goddard, Senior VP
Clear Vision Inc. - Business World News

America's Diversity Channel
Web Monopoly are the mavens in search engine marketing technology. Their web design is top notch. We didn't hire a firm clear across the country for nothing.

Tom Duckenfield
President - America's Diversity Channel

Yanai Van - The Curls Expert
Web Monopoly's name has permeated the fashion & beauty industry.
They are generous!
They are professionals!
They are success!

Yania Van
CEO Yania Van
Innovative Skin & Beauty products

Thank You so much for the Amazing job Web Monopoly did creating ! You were able to capture every aspect of the BORBA brand from Science, Evolution, Creation, Innovation, and Style. We have spend a great deal of time developing every aspect of the BORBA brand from product efficacy to packaging to ensure a quality and beautiful experience to each of our customers. As you shop through the site, every aspect of the brand is represented so well, not to mention easy to shop and understand how the internal and external skincare work in synergy with one another. You and your team have been an absolute pleasure to work with and really did your homework to truly learn the luxury of BORBA and portray that on Our experience with Web Monopoly has been fantastic and it is our pleasure to share this experience!!

Warmest Regards,
Karen Westin
Corporate Director of Marketing
US Financial Management
Personal Debt Negotiation Company

Being in one of the most competitive industries (debt consolidation), USFM needed an SEO partner who was at the top of their game. WebMonopoly proved to be the right choice for us and month after month we enjoyed top rankings on all the major search engines. We were lucky enough to benefit from their web design department as well. Our web site embodies great looks and rich content resulting in higher traffic numbers and ever increasing average time spent by the visitors.

Ty Kadoli
Marketing Director
US Financial Management Group

Health Tides Naturopathic Medicine
Naturopathic Medical Center

I am very pleased with the result and professionalism I experienced while working with Web Monopoly. They have gone well above and beyond my expectations and has been more than generous about accommodating my requests.

I will refer Web Monopoly to colleagues and friends with the highest confidence and satisfaction. My current experience with other people in this field has been so poor that I am just so thrilled with the Web Monopoly experience.

Thank you again,

Dr. Kevin Passero, N.D.
203 Ridgely Ave
Annapolis, Md 21401

Perfume Heaven
Online Fragrance Retailer

Marquee Scents has been in business for over 15 years, and have hired the services of many independent agencies. Few, if any, have compared with the quality ,passion, compassion, and general desire to please a client then WEB MONOPOLY.

They do it the old fashion way, not because its good business to please a client, but because its the obligation that people should have for one another. Brian is excellent at producing high quality results in areas that are familiar to him, and boldly approaches the plethora of challenges that exist in the cyber world. I would highly recommend WEB MONOPOLY to anyone who would benefit from their services,not just for their talents, but for their integrity.

Jeet Rajwani
Marquee Scents

Boulder Financial
Financial & Real Estate Broker

"Rave reviews! Web Monopoly took our ideas and polished them beyond our expectations. They were professional, timely, focused, and succeeded in taking our company to next level. As a relatively small organization we were able to step outside of those limitations through the impressive representation our website makes and have received nothing but compliments from our clients... and lots of new clients as a result.

We will definitely employ Web Monopoly again and advise it for anyone serious about generating web leads. The buzz around town after the announcement of our website speaks for itself and we have already generated many leads in the first week. Amazing!"

Catherine Chipman & Francoise Dimapouplas
Boulder Financial

National Robe Manuafacturer

Choosing Web Monopoly to do our Web Design & Search Engine Marketing was like
putting a Silver Bullet in the Chamber. They are going to be a company to watch, because clearly their service has been carefully strategized, evolved and perfected as a labor of love. All of their employees were responsive, diligent, professional and very talented.

Robeworks is a national manafacturer of Robes for major Hotels - Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Belagio, Venetian, Hotel BelAire, Broadmoor and more...
so it was essential that we went with the best.

Morris Clemente

Moku Bridal Gowns
Online Tropical Bridal Gown Store

Webmonopoly has exceed my expectations in the design and creation of my website and ecommerce shopping cart. The price was very affordable and well worth every penny. The graphic designer is extremely talented and professional!

Not only did Webmonopoly complete the website on time, it looked better than I had envisioned, and the staff accomodated my requests every step of the way. I commend Webmonopoly for their excellent customer service and amazing design and web technology expertise!

Thanks Brian!
Adam, you're awesome!

Lara San Pedro
Vice President

Cigarette King
Online Cigartette Retailer

I can not say enough about Web Monopoly. Their commitment to excellence and overall integrity truly stands out in today’s business world … much less in the world of e-commerce where often there is much less compulsion to get the job done right.

Brian Hannan, and his dedicated staff, went well above and beyond to deliver outstanding web design services and a finished product that was so user friendly and search engine friendly it was actually found by a customer surfing the net and an order placed before it was officially complete and up for business. As well, parts of our 1000+ product e-commerce site turned out to be far more time consuming to finish then originally anticipated. Brian and his team never said a negative word, they just completed the work as they had agreed, on time, and at the original quoted price. The mark of a firm with uncommon integrity.

Thank you so much Brian and the WebMonopoly team for creating a truly first-class website. I look forward to working with you in the months and years to come on other web design projects as well as further SEO for the site just developed.

Laura Dorfman,
VP of Marketing,
Western Door Enterprises - CIgaretter King

Tripod Consulting
Intellectual Property Consulting Firm

Web Monopoly is to the Web Design & Internet Marketing world like what BELL LABS was for the Technology & Telecommunication world.
Solid Innovators. Expansive. Results oriented. And Aligned with many resources...

Web monopoly was able to take our complicated service product and created an outstanding website. They have the graphics, programming, internet marketing and business savvy professionals to translate our ideas into an effective part of our business plans.

Web monopoly provides a single source of very sophisticated assistance and great new concepts for our company’s needs. After having been involved in numerous major website projects, I can say that Web Monopoly provided the best development and marketing experience I have encountered.

Mark H. Hellmann, J.D.
Tripod Chief Executive Officer

American Oil & Gas Leads
Professional Oil & Gas Leads Brokerage

Shock & Awe!  That's how I describe Web Monopoly's Internet marketing. Referred by a top New York AD agency, we found that their customer service was prompt, their technology is leading the industry and the quality of traffic and positioning has tripled our business platform. This is not another internet firm that has nothing behind the curtain, they have a large staff, give us excellent reporting, proactively initiated new ideas and within 6 months achieved real measurable results.

John Browne
President, American Oil & Gas Coalition

Syndicate Leads
Professional Lead Brokerage

Over the past four years , I had spent major dollars between web design and search engine optimization... The results left me frustrated and skeptical of any organization specializing in this fields where they start to sound the same... Brian Hannan and his organization, Web Monopoly, achieved in a few months, what others spent three years plus trying to accomplish...They branded and completed our corporate website in just 3 weeks with hardly any input from us. Our lead flow is over close to a hundred internet leads a day. I am beyond satisfied and my expectations have been far exceeded...

Jack Sullivan

Wes State Mortgage
Commercial Loan Brokers

I finally found an internet marketing method that works, after all the failed attempts, and many of thousands of dollars lost. I always understood the potential of search engine ranking but never thought that we could actually compete in the most competitive market of mortgages. Not only are the leads and money pouring in but it continues to show growth. At this point it is by far the best conversion for my investment compared to all the marketing we've done in the past 27 years. I was hesitant to spend the money because for one, I was tired of throwing money away towards internet marketing, and also, I knew it would take 2-3 months before we should expect any results. However, somehow things worked quickly because we doubled our money within the first 30 days. I just want to say thanks for operating a business that is so effective, and thanks for calling me and getting me involved in this phenomena.

APM Studio
DVD / VHS Manufacturer

Web Monopoly is a great company to do business with. They are focused on their customers needs and deliver on every promises they make. My experience has been very positive. Our  web site receives very high rankings on Google  and Overture PPC programs now.

Gevork Kremer
President, APM Studio

Baltimore NXL Team Trauma
Baltimore NXL Paintball Team

I would like to take this time to thank you firm for your outstanding work and support for the many projects you have completed for us. Out of the hundreds of web marketing companies on the Internet , your company simpoly stands out from the rest. You rapidly delivered three cutting edge websites for Dash Systems Inc. and within weeks your superior web marketing division delivered enormous results that will increase revenue to the business a thousand fold.

When we needed a paintball website for Team Trauma ( ) the first person I though of was Web Monopoly. After the client interview it was only one short week before you delivered a cutting edge website for us.  You over deliver and under promise and for that I thank you. Your superior customer support helped me thought the entire process. When it comes to web marketing and website design, Web Monopoly is the best we have ever used in the industry.

Mike J. Cutino
CEO, Global Entity Media

Residential & Commercial Real Estate

After looking for 'professionals' to help me with promotion of my real estate business, and spending lots of money and receiving much disappointment for my effort, I finally stumbled upon Web Monopoly.  Mr.Brian Hannan listened to my circumstance and with his responses I came to believe that he really did care about what I was trying to do.  I invested in his firm's approach and this time - it paid off !  I can really see a dramatic increase in the number of visitors to my site.

Richard C. Decker P.A. (Professional Association) CRS, GRI
RE / MAX Partner

Spencer Trophy and Awards
Major US Trophy Manufacturer

Web Monopoly has been  awesome to work with.  Brian has been very "hands on" and very helpful throughout the process of building our website.   When I had a question, I'd email him and get a response back very quickly !!  I highly recommend Brian Hannan & Web Monopoly...they get an "A+" in my book.

Kelly DeYoung

Aircraft Investment Group
Investment Company

You have impressed me with both your marketing efforts, customer service and price. It is refreshing to work with a company that expedites our requests in a timely manner. The number of visitors to our site has greatly increased every month as well as inquiries from interested buyers. Throughout all, you have maintained the credibility and professionalism of our web site.

Stanley Greenbaum
CEO, Aircraft Investment Group

Document  Company

I can't say enough good things about Web Monopoly. The staff is refreshingly bright, competent, straight-forward, caring, and available. His attention to detail is remarkable, as is his ability to translate into layman's terms the complexities of website marketing.

I was surprised and thrilled with how quickly I started getting traffic to my website. In short, I feel confident that my web presence is in the best of hands. You can't lose with them!

Julie James
CEO, Accu-Doc, Inc

Innovative Insulation
Radiant Barrier
Insulation Company

Bravo ! After 101 horror stories about internet marketing, we crept into our campaign...
the top-top engine results in 6 months for so many categories has absolutely transformed our business.

These guys are at the top of their game, while remaining gentlemen.

Eilene Mitag
Marketing Manager
Innovative Insulation

Columbus Production Inc.

The marketing services provided by your company continue to expose us to a unique, targeted and incredibly diverse customer base around the country. As of writing this letter the web site has generated two new accounts in other states totaling $50,000 worth of sales in the first 4 months.

Having no experience in web based marketing (and based on the bad press surrounding the dot come bust) we had very little in terms of expectations. Pleasant surprises are nice and far between with vendors these days. We have learned to look at the web portion of our marketing as not only a means to increase sales in existing product lines, but also a new product line barometer. Moving into the coming years we are excited with the growing trend of B2B commerce on the internet.

Nicholas Faux
President, Columbus Production, Inc.


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