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Over 85% of buyers
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t o find what they
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Will they find you?

Obtaining visitors through manual submissions to search engines


Obtaining visitors through manual submissions to search engines

According to a Georgia Institute of Technology survey, 85% people who obtain products and services on the internet locate providers of their purchases through search engine queries. In order for searchers to find you, and to attract traffic to your website, it is essential to submit your site and pages correctly to the major search engines. In fact, the payoff in terms of traffic increases incrementally if you are able to move your site up a page, or even a couple of numbers, in the search engine queries.

However, the process of submitting your site to search engines is tedious, time-consuming, and detailed. Web Monopoly staff member are experts at site submission. Our web marketing specialists have the knowledge and experience to make sure that your site is submitted properly and indexed by the leading search engines, and to ensure that your site moves up in the query rankings.

Web Monopoly knows that submission is only the first step in attracting traffic to your website. Not only does Web Monopoly handle site submission for you, we also offer full-service evaluations of your site content to identify strengths and weaknesses of your site in terms of search engine friendliness.

Moving up in the search engine rankings is as much an art, requiring an intuitive feel for the rules developed over time, as a science. Each web marking expert at Web Monopoly has a minimum of three years of experience and the technical background to understand how the search engine game is played.

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