Affiliate Marketing programs are one of the best and easiest ways to receive a return on your initial investment.  Web Monopoly specializes in organizing and setting up affiliate marketing programs for your company or business.  We help you create and maintain the affiliate program, asset acquisition, and affiliate reporting.

Over 85% of buyers
use Search Engines
t o find what they
are looking for

Will they find you?

Search Engine Reputation Management aka Online Reputation management.
Search Engine Reputation Management (or SERM) tactics are used increasingly by individuals and companies who seek to proactively shield their Brands, corporate and personal reputations from disparaging content brought to light through Search engine queries. Online reputation management attacks negative search engine press that can ruin a companies business, name and reputation by competitors, bad press, court cases, civil or criminal records,etc etc, due to the volume of people "Googling" a potential partners name.

Web Monopoly utilizes an aggressive range of SEO NAME strategies to shot-gun at the engines data that will out rank and bump bad search engine press of the first page.

Some clients use these SERM tactics reactively, to minimize the damage inflicted by inflammatory or "flame" websites and blogs, initiated by consumers or competitors. Then again, some clients utilize our SERM services to proactively stockpile Good Press on the top pages of search engines to counteract potential bad press.
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